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Ridiculous Dragons by Entrepreneur Shagun Singh records sales of NFTs worth 8 Cr in 30 days – The Hindu

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the business world in many ways. It has opened up a fortune of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs, intelligent people in business, big companies, and Market invaders. It has given its consumers a whole fresh platform for creative methods of wealth creation. Things like NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Metaverse, are hard to comprehend, and investing in them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Still, if you gather enough knowledge and understanding about these projects, it is better to be aware of them than feel left out. Becoming the latest trend of the market buzz, a young and emerging Delhi-NCR-based entrepreneur Shagun Singh has drawn a stride in the realm of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) through his newly-launched NFT project ‘Ridiculous Dragons.’
Ridiculous Dragons has already ushered a firm stand into the future, the dawn of the new internet, and something for contemporary society. In this seven-course bundle, the future withholds an extensive introduction to the decentralized platforms and projects powered by the blockchain, including cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the Metaverse. Are you excited about the world of stock and cryptocurrency trading but do not know where to start? The best project in India is Ridiculous Dragons, a recently-launched NFT project based in Delhi-NCR that has successfully sold Dragons (Digital artwork) worth INR 8 crores in its first month of the launch, which was on 14th April 2022. They have reached the zenith by selling all the 9999 Dragons (NFTs) that were generated on the Binance Smart Chain, all under the sharp marketing skills of Shagun Singh.
CEO and founder Shagun Singh has worked consistently in the cryptocurrency market since 2013 and possesses profound learning associated with the domain. When asked about his immense success in launching this unique project and then selling all of its digital artworks he stated, “We are all equipped to launch a private marketplace now that Ridiculous Dragons has confidently alleviated all its milestones. Along with that, we are also planning to launch our currency (Coin or token) for our traders and Dragon holders.” Launching this marketplace will allow the investors to create, sell, and purchase NFTs right in one place. This is an elite idea that will promote a bountiful future in the reign of Virtual digital assets. The NFT owners will also benefit from the premium crypto trading group as they will get an overload of benefits like premium trading calls and deep-researched market-related reckoning.
Ridiculous Dragons has trumped the market and are still rising to its prominence; among the known names that have invested in its NFTs include Riyan Parag, a notable Indian cricketer who plays for the famous cricket club Rajasthan Royals, and Shashvat Nakrani, the co-founder of BharatPe that facilitates convenient financial services. Moreover, it has achieved all its landmarks; by driving through its Roadmap. The project is prepared to launch its independent Marketplace and establish its token or currency for NFT trading, which no other platform has yet executed. The platform strives to induce a revenue of 20 cr+ by the end of 2022. It also includes a complimentary NFT course and invitations to its community gatherings, among other perks. All the NFT/ Dragon holders will enjoy staking rewards against holding their NFTs that will ensure a great passive income source and get an exclusive 20 percent off on their next latest NFT collection.
Shagun Singh is a devoted leader and his project is destined to become one of the biggest NFT projects in India which is immensely speeding up its development with true sense and determination. In its future endeavor, the firm is also planning on collaborating with big celebrities and brands. Many big companies are investing in the NFT market and building a solid community in this era. Ridiculous Dragons have already built a rock-solid foundation for an imperative entrepreneurial premise for its patrons and Dragon Holders, developing into a one-stop shop for investors and VR venture enthusiasts.
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