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Return of Shiba Launches ShibDOSH – The World's First Gold Paying Rebase Algorithm –

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London, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Return of Shiba, the revolutionary blockchain ecosystem that unifies CEFI and DEFI in a single platform, has successfully launched its ShibDOSH protocol.
With the protocol combining the best of three worlds — crypto, fiat, and precious metals — ShibDOSH is a next-generation rebase algorithm built around an innovative idea that for the first time makes it possible for investors to stake one coin and get three different revenue streams — native token, dollars, and gold.
An innovative piece of thinking, the protocol is central to an ecosystem that’s been designed to overcome the issues that currently beset the rebase token market.
Problem-solving the ShibDOSH way
With many high-yield rebase tokens having emerged recently, two fundamental problems remain. Although high Annual Percentage Yields (APY) may seem promising initially, most tokens lack a viable business model, which eventually deters investors and leads to token holders liquidating their assets. Arising from this comes the second problem — all that unbacked APY leaves investors with a pile of rebase rewards that are neither liquid nor able to maintain their market value — often resulting in huge losses.
The Return of Shiba ecosystem tackles these issues in two ways. Firstly, it sets out a solid roadmap that ensures increasing demand and liquidity for its different utility and governance tokens. Secondly, the ecosystem has developed meaningful business products with nested fail-safe reward mechanisms that go hand-in-hand with the roadmap.
Rebase 2.0 for Multi-stream Wealth Opportunities
At its heart, ShibDOSH has been designed to protect investors from the volatilities of the financial markets, especially the crypto market. Unlike other tokens, ShibDOSH’s high APY doesn’t leave you 100% dependent on a native token but instead splits its portfolio across crypto, dollars, and gold.
When it comes to crypto farming, the algorithm operates AI-powered interconnected contracts on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon that ensure a token holder’s portfolio consists of the ‘right’ projects at the ‘right’ time to maximize growth.
Further to multichain farming, ShibDOSH exploits its position as a hybrid investment platform, by maintaining different indexes of high-performing traditional stocks, mitigating risk by spreading its portfolio across stablecoins backed by the USD as well as precious metals initially in the form of PAX Gold.
The Best of All Worlds
With gold being the traditional fallback investment during times of uncertainty, ShibDOSH provides a safe and effective way for investors to add the metal to their portfolios without having to worry about purchase hassles or logistics.
However, the benefits of ShibDOSH don’t end with the market security of gold. With the token acting as a liquidity provider to future blockchain ventures, investors can select from a list of vetted projects and invest in them through specialized bonds. In this way, again, the token opens up a world of profitable opportunities.
With the algorithm working on autopilot, its ‘True Wealth Generation Engine’ ensures that investors make money while they work, play, and sleep without ever lifting a finger — and if that doesn’t sound like a token worth investing in, then nothing ever will.
If you’d like to learn more about ShibDOSH, visit the Return of Shiba website and join their socials.Website: www.returnofshiba.netTwitter: Discussion: Announcements:
The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.
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