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Most Promising Yield-generating Platforms on the Binance Smart Chain – Crypto Mode

Binance Smart Chain is becoming the home to many DeFi yield-generating platforms simply because its transaction fees are less than a dollar, whereas Eth is prepared to take $30 to $60 from you.
Anyway, the yield farming scene is getting bigger, and as any market or niche grows, its level of innovation also increases. That being said, there are many impressive yield farming projects out there. 
Below, we’ve narrowed it down to 4 of the most promising yield projects on BSC, with each of them having its unique traits.
ADACash is a first of its kind as it’s a self-perpetuating coin designed to yield a significant cryptocurrency like Cardano. 
When users buy and hold the ADACash token, they receive the BEP-20 version of Cardano for holding it. Whenever someone purchases ADACash, the smart contract is coded to take a 10% cut, convert those rewards to ADA, and distribute them to ADACash holders every 60 seconds.
The amount of ADA holders receive is connected to how much ADACash they hold. Those holding more compared to other holders will receive more ADA.
For a cryptocurrency to be valuable, it must have more demand than supply —the rate of buyers is consistently beating sellers.
The built-in incentive of holding ADACash to receive ADA motivates investors not to sell. Which in turn increases the ADACash price. 
As the Cardano price has potential in the future due to its blockchain capability and smart contract addition, it gives investors a more significant reason to hold ADACash.
ADACash also complements the volume of ADA as it’s a protocol that must acquire ADA to reward holders. 
Soon, ADACash aims to increase its utility by integrating the coin into NFT games. As of now, it takes manual input for ADACash to get more holders. An NFT game creates an automatic input for ADACash transactions and, depending on the popularity of the games, and could lead to many transactions a minute.
ADACash is attractive right now as its price is not even 1 cent. Investors have the chance to become early adopters. 
EasyFi is a permissionless money markets protocol for digital assets. They offer users a unique opportunity to grab tokens of upcoming high quality vetted projects just by holding EZ tokens.
EasyFi aims to democratize lending through digital assets. Besides lending and farming, EasyFi has taken the DeFi space a notch up by introducing structured financial products such as credit defaults swap, which brings insurance to DeFi. 
To projects, the protocol allows launching their lending and borrowing markets and rewarding their users to stake $EZ tokens for earning rewards in tokens of the respective markets and interact with multiple corresponding markets. EasyFi also incentivizes more collaborative users for long term loyalty.
Decentralized reserved currencies have been a growing trend in DeFi since OlympusDAO revealed its 1,000,000%+ APY. 
Many projects have forked OlympusDAO to create alternatives. One of those projects is NemesisDAO. It has a 20,000,000% APY, and it’s on the Binance Smart Chain.
Users can stake their native token (NMS) and receive a 29% return on a 5-day rate. Decentralized reserve currencies have a rebase protocol that distributes rewards to you every 8 hours.
In addition to the staking benefits, users can also receive more capital when the NMS token increases in price. The NMS price is currently trading just below $2,000, and it has the potential to go back up to its high of $6,000. A 3x gain.
It’s a DEX built on BSC, and it offers a high APR (up to 127%) for staking liquidity pool tokens. It sounds like other projects, right? Initially, until you discover its deflationary native token, ZEFI. Here’s how ZCore’s unique burn mechanism works:
ZCore Finance has also introduced a ZEFI-powered card for everyday purchases. Crypto investors usually have to send their decentralized yield returns to an exchange like Coinbase to withdraw them. 
A ZEFI card disrupts this process and allows yield farmers to immediately use their rewards in the real world.
Many projects bring forth new concepts to earn users more passive income than before. The growth of DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and coins integrating makes this possible. Plus, the Binance Smart Chain is the blockchain developers choose to make the most out of. 
The yield-generating space proves that it’s here to stay, and the 4 platforms listed above show the potential of being at the forefront of yield farming’s next evolutionary phase.

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