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Fantasy Action MMORPG Kritika Global Launches With Blockchain and Play to Earn Elements To Roll Out –

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Kritika Global, a successor to Kritika Online, is now out worldwide, marking the official launch of the anime-inspired fantasy action MMORPG with blockchain and play to earn elements. 
For those who enjoyed the 3D anime brawler action of Kritika Online, there looks to be plenty of action in the new MMO. You can pick from seven classes and adventure in the land of Kirenos, where there are dangers and tyranny under the dictator Alki. The game lore takes us back all the way to the ancient times where battles left their scars that are even visible in the modern world of Kirenos today. 
There are several classes to choose from, each with their own subclasses. Start with a Warrior, Rogue, Gunmage, Scyther, Noblia, and Monk. The dictator uses a new energy source to keep the people oppressed and under control, and it’s up to you to attempt to navigate the dangers and work to overthrow him. 
Expect action and competitive gameplay, with plans for Siege Wars to start on June 29th and PvP tournaments to begin on July 3rd. Overall, if you’re familiar with Kritika, you should expect a blend of MMORPG elements and heavy action.
When it comes to blockchain elements, these are going to be rolled out over time, with developer Allm saying that if “smooth service is possible, the NFT update and minting will take the place. This [is] expected to occur in the fourth quarter of 2022”. The play to earn elements are also reflected in the ability to trade most goods in the game with other players for various currencies:
“Most of the goods acquired through the game, including Diamonds and Quartz, can be traded between users through the C2X Station; Diamonds can be exchanged for C2X, and Quartz for KRX”. 
In other words, this will be a developing and ongoing rollout that is looking to find its footing as a play to earn title with a player-driven economy. For more on the game, see the official site. For more on Allm’s blockchain and P2E details, you can see the official White Paper here.

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